This is a sampling of some of our valued clients. For legal and copyright reasons, some clients cannot be shown or mentioned. 

Shipping Company

PTZ Cameras, IT Infrastructure, Shipping Company, Downers Grove IL.

IP Camera Installation

Lincolnwood IL IP camera Installation

Loeber Motors, Lincolnwood IL

Fiber Optic, IT Infrastructure, Security Cameras, Network Wiring, Digital Phone System

Networking Rack

IT Infrastructure,200+ Networking drops, IP Phones, IP Cameras, Summit IL.

Video Gaming Security Cameras

Park Forest IL, IT Infrastructure, Security Cameras

Structured Cabling

Cabling organization in rack

Sports Bar

IT Infrastructure, 11 4K TVs, Audio/Video Integration and Security Cameras. Oak Lawn, IL

Fiber Optic Outdoor run

Outdoor Fiber Optic Run

Old Cabling Removal

Removal of Old Cabling (Before)

Old Cabling Removal

Removal of old cabling (After)

Porsche Dealership

IT Infrastructure, Fiber Optic, IP Cameras

Cable Structuring

Structuring Cable

Subaru Dealership

IT Infrastructure, Wireless Access Points


IT Infrastructure, Fiber Optic, IP Cameras

Service Entrance Cameras

IP Cameras

Loeber Service Tech

Digital Phone System Wiring

Italian Fine Dining

Italian Restaurant, Lemont IL. IT Infrastructure, 32 IP Cameras, Background Music

Loeber Installation

IP Camera Installation

Loeber Showroom

IP Camera Closed Ceiling installation

Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant, UIC Chicago IL. IT Infrastructure, IP Cameras

Loeber Porsche

IP Camera installation

Networking Rack

POE Switch

Dixmoor IL Police Department

IT Infrastructure, Fiber Optic

Community Honda

IT Infrastructure, IP Camera Installation, IP phones

Community Honda, Orland Park, IL

Drop Ceiling IP Camera. Installation


IT Infrastructure, Fiber Optic, Industrial Equipment Network Communications Summit, IL

Lexus of Naperville

IT Infrastructure, Network Wiring

Lexus of Naperville

IT Infrastructure, IP Phones, Network Wiring

Lexus of Naperville

IT Infrastructure, Network Wiring

Thai Restaurant

Thai Restaurant, Chicago IL. IT Infrastructure, 16 IP Cameras

Dan Wolf Chevy

IT Infrastructure, Ip Phones, Network Wiring


Security Cameras and Internet Access Points in an Industrial Freezer

Mexican Fine Dining Restaurant

Multiple location Mexican Restaurant. IT Infrastructure, Wireless Access Points, Megapixel cameras, Commercial Audio/Video


Pallet Manufacturing Company, Bridgeview IL, IT Infrastructure, 32 IP Cameras


IT Infrastructure Collaboration with Italian and Slovenian industrial equipment companies.


Industrial Component Manufacturers. Mundelein IL, Security Cameras


Supermarket, Cicero IL. IT Infrastructure, POS Systems, Background Audio, Phone System, Security Cameras

IP Cameras

Business Grade Equipment

Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant Chain, Multiple Locations. IT Infrastructure, POS Systems, Background Audio/Video, Security Cameras


Insurance Agency, Chicago IL, Security Cameras


Chicago IL, IT Infrastructure, IP Cameras, PCI Compliance


IP Camera

Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant, Westmont IL. IT Infrastructure, Megapixel Cameras

Banquet Hall

Banquet Hall, Lemont IL. IT Infrastructure, PTZ/IP Cameras, Background Music


IT Infrastructure, 64 Cameras


IT Infrastructure, Security Cameras Warehouse

Sports Bar

Sports Bar, Oak Lawn IL. IT Infrastructure, 11 55" 4K TVs, Background Music, Security Cameras

Access Point

Internet Access Point in an Industrial Cooler


Industrial Grade Equipment

IP Cameras

IT Infrastructure, 100+ IP Cameras, Fiber Optic Wiring


Structured Cabling

Networking Rack

IT Infrastructure and Security Cameras


Fiber Optic Installation

Networking Installation

Networking Installation, CAT6 Cabling, Audio/Video Integration


Restaurant Equipment Supplier, Chicago IL. IT Infrastructure, 26 IP Cameras, Multiple Displays

POE Cameras

IT Infrastructure, 32 POE Cameras, Downtown Chicago, IL

Networking Rack

IT Infrastructure, IP Cameras, Professional Installation

Multimode Fiber Optic

Integration of Six 50 Port Switches with Fiber Optic. Illinois.


Fiber Optic Networking and Security Camera Rack


Supermarket, Cicero IL. 22 IP Cameras, IT Infrastructure, PCI Compliance, Firewall


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